The Wild Flower Meadow Project

Before We Began

The North Meadow in its natural state is typical chalk downland. When the grass was allowed to grow one might see a few natural wild flowers. We wanted to encourage this so that more of these wild flowers flourished.

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Getting Rid of the grass and weeds

We need to remove the local wild grass and weeds, which can choke the growth of the meadow flowers we are hoping to promote. The plan is to cultivate 3m strips using a harrow and allow the weeds to germinate. This process will be repeated until the tilled areas remain clear.

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Now we Wait

In the spring of 2019 yellow rattle and wild flower seeds will be sown. This will help weaken the local coarse meadow grass. At that point we will see if more wild flowers germinate, and sow any that are recommended by our project experts.

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Raising Funds for the Project

There have been a number of helpful donations, but we are seeking more from various sources. One of them is The Good Exchange, and the project page can be found below.


 Project No. 12340 on The Good Exchange